ADAMOS – the digital marketplace for the industry

We think digitalization simple: ADAMOS offers a marketplace with connecting technology for the simple and efficient use of digital solutions for industry. The vendor-independent and digital marketplace enables you to acquire industrial apps. The ADAMOS connecting technology supports you in the use and management of data and apps.



Added value for a strong, digitized industry

In industry, especially in manufacturing production, digital solutions are becoming more important than ever for sustainable business success. ADAMOS sets new standards with a uniquely integrated range of solutions and makes the enormous potential of digitalization available to manufacturing companies.

ADAMOS is unique. For customers, the digitalmarketplace simplifies the acquisition and, via the ADAMOS connecting technology, the use and management of apps on the shopfloor. This brings advantages especially for small and medium-sized companies when setting up the digital factory and gives them orientation and stability along the value creation process.

With the ADAMOS STORE and ADAMOS HUB, we contribute to the harmonization of smart solutions and offer easy access for solution providers and customers from the manufacturing and production industry. Furthermore, with our solutions, we support companies from the mechanical and plant engineering industry that want to create, expand and offer an individual digital portfolio for their customers.

ADAMOS benefits


Transformation needs digitalization

ADAMOS memberships

Reduce expensive errors and rework!
With weasl, the flexible worker assistance system.

Visit the ADAMOS STORE and get the free demo version of weasl.

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WERKBLiQ digitalizes maintenance.
Less machine downtime. More productivity.

Test the WERKBLiQ maintenance software now free of charge for 30 days.

30 days free trial

Create estimates & quotations in seconds, increase efficiency and reduce costs:

With up2parts you increase the competitiveness of your manufacturing business.

Test up2parts calculation now for 30 days free of charge.

30 days free trial

3 coordinated apps for an easy entry into the digital optimization of production planning and control.

Test PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL for 30 days free of charge in the ADAMOS STORE.

30 days free trial

The Industry 4.0 solution for OEE optimization. Through Artificial Intelligence and with minimal effort for recording, analysis and evaluation.

Test the for 90 days free of charge in the ADAMOS STORE.

90 days free trial

Using instead of owning!

The M1 by PAYZR comes with an all-round carefree package.

Configure & order now

Flexibility and planning security with "Subscription & All-in".

Start your modern production without worries! Configure CLX 450 TC now!

Configure & order now

Live video support for technicians and customers via smartglasses and smartphones.

Learn more about Workheld Call in the ADAMOS STORE.

30 days free trial

Field Service Management Software for more efficient and clear production, service and assembly processes.

Find out more about Workheld Flow in the ADAMOS STORE.

30 days free trial

With the Schlenker Configurator, clamping devices can be configured and visualized easily, quickly and adapted to the machining process.

Use the Schlenker Configurator free of charge in the ADAMOS STORE.

Use for free

Intelligent 3D models and AR at the push of a button: scalable augmented reality solutions also for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Test the Spacific AR solutions for 14 days free of charge in the ADAMOS STORE.

30 days free trial

With the Digital Teamboard you can view KPIs, deviations, actions and problem solutions for your store floor with one click.

Test the Digital Teamboard free of charge for 30 days in the ADAMOS STORE.

30 days free trial

A central infrastructure for your machinery: the open source-based IoT platform for your smart factory.

Learn more about United Manufacturing Hub in the ADAMOS STORE.

30 days free trial

Calculation of production times and prices for turned and milled parts at the click of a mouse.

Test Spanflug Make free of charge for 14 days in the ADAMOS STORE.

14 days free trial

Manage tools and tool components digitally.

Learn more about EVOtools in the ADAMOS STORE.

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m-hub your one-stop solution for the plastics industry.

Use m-hub for FREE in the ADAMOS STORE.

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With planeus, you have your overview on production processes at one glance while meeting all your delivery deadlines.

Try planeus for free for 14 days in the ADAMOS STORE.

14 days free trial

VSight, remotely connects experts to technicians, customers and partners to allow faster troubleshooting and scaling expertise.

Start your free 14-day trial of VSight Remote in the ADAMOS STORE.

14 days free trial

Whether inspection, quality assurance or work instructions - firstaudit is the cross-industry solution for digital workflow management. Use the platform-independent application to digitize processes easily and quickly.

Test firstaudit free of charge for 30 days in the ADAMOS STORE.

Try for free in the ADAMOS STORE

With smartblick, you can digitize any machine in just a few minutes, plan your production with LIVE data, analyze your production processes and easily identify optimization potential.

Test smartblick free of charge for 30 days in the ADAMOS STORE.

Start for free

The CAD.Converter creates parametric 3D CAD models from technical drawings or 3D CAD models in a CAD system of your choice.

Learn more about the clous CAD.Converter in the ADAMOS STORE.

Test edition available from 99 €

With CE-CON Safety, you can classify the risks of your product with various procedures such as the HRN procedure together with your team. Save your products, assemblies and procedures in individual templates, so you can save time when classifying new products.

Find out more about CE-CON Safety in the ADAMOS STORE.

14 days free trial

With Sherlock, you can integrate, link and merge all your company information from a wide variety of sources. Learn more about Sherlock in a free, no-obligation live demo!

Find out more about Sherlock in the ADAMOS STORE.

Free live demo

With Workist, you can capture and process job documents automatically thanks to the Workist AI (WorKI).

Learn more about Workist in the ADAMOS STORE.

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Sell your products to your customers at any time and conveniently via self-service, even on Christmas Eve.

Test Salesorder free of charge for 30 days in the ADAMOS STORE.

30 days free trial

With the tool management EVOMECS Toolmanagement Control you reduce administration efforts and media breaks, save considerable costs and exclude machine damages.

Learn more about EVOMECS Toolmanagement Control in the ADAMOS STORE.

Free live demo

With REWO you can document work instructions and processes and capture, visualize and communicate knowledge to everyone in your ecosystem.

Try REWO for free for 30 days in the ADAMOS STORE.

30 days free trial