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ADAMOS offers a marketplace including connecting technology for easy and efficient use of industrial digital solutions. The multi-vendor digital marketplace facilitates the acquisition of industrial apps, the ADAMOS connecting technology enables the use and management of data and apps.

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Added value for a strong, digitized industry

In mechanical and plant engineering, digital solutions are becoming more important than ever for sustainable business success. ADAMOS sets new standards with a uniquely integrated range of solutions and makes the enormous potential of digitalization available to companies.

ADAMOS is unique. For customers, the marketplace simplifies the acquisition and, via the ADAMOS connecting technology, the use and management of apps on the shopfloor. This brings advantages especially for small and medium-sized companies when setting up the digital facotry and gives them orientation and stability.

With the ADAMOS STORE and ADAMOS HUB, we contribute to the harmonization of digital solutions and offer easy access for solution providers and customers from the manufacturing and production industry. Furthermore, with our solutions, we support companies from the mechanical and plant engineering industry that want to create, expand and offer an individual digital portfolio for their customers.

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