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Understand your machines with ADAMOS IIoT 

The ADAMOS IIoT Platform powered by Software AG supports you in capturing and analyzing your machine and process data to optimize the value your processes add based on the results.
As an open and vendor-neutral IIoT platform (Industrial Internet of Things), it helps you capture and analyze your machine and process data to further optimize the processes in your value chain based on the results.

As an open and vendor-neutral IIoT platform, it delivers both the elementary infrastructure as well as the fundamental functionalities for developing and operating digital services and designing them efficiently.
ADAMOS HUB Integration enables you to connect applications that were designed with ADAMOS IIoT quickly and easily with the ADAMOS HUB and sell them in the ADAMOS STORE.

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IoT and IIoT

The term IoT (Internet of Things) describes connecting physical objects with the internet. Its goal is to have people (generally consumers) interact with the things. Smart home solutions where people can control lamps or heaters by voice command or with the help of an app are just one example.

The same concept can be applied to the industrial sector in a much more ambitious way. However, far more complex information needs to be connected in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to facilitate the interaction between people and machines. The smart home gives rise to the smart factory. Machines operate over a much longer period of time here (30 years is not unusual), which means many "old" protocols (= machine language) are in use. This means IIoT must be able to handle a very heterogenous environment. Furthermore, requirements for stability, availability and security are much higher.

More Information to IIoT

What is Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?

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Current IIoT projects

Mayer & Cie.

knitlink | Machine- & Customer Portal

Since summer 2019, Mayer & Cie. has been offering a platform for capturing and analyzing machine data: knitlink. The knitlink machine portal is a comprehensive cloud information system based on the ADAMOS IIoT Platform that enables Mayer & Cie. to offer all of its services and future digital projects to customers via a platform.

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OOE App für intelligente Produktion

Targeted production control

Software AG designed the OEE App to enable mechanical engineering companies to calculate overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) without the programming effort. This calculation is performed on the production-line level with machines from a variety of manufacturers.

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Zusammenhang zwischen k.ey und von KM.ON
KARL MAYER for live monitoring 

KARL MAYER has developed a variety of apps—including the app—using ADAMOS IIoT technologies. They enable users to monitor their machines live and display key indicators like machine speed, output, availability and performance directly on the customer's mobile device.

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Your advantages with ADAMOS IIoT Plattform

  • Supports efficient data processing and digital app design
  • Your machines, plants and devices are connected, managed, structured and can be controlled remotely
  • You can keep an eye on your master data and metrics at any time and can configure alarms for proactive notification
  • Easy and flexible management of master and transaction data as well as selective data sharing with other installations
  • Manage customers and clients clearly and easily
  • Data and cybersecurity as a key element

Define your price model

Starter package

500,– €
per month

  • For mechanical engineering companies
  • 2 light users
  • 10 devices
  • One month of storage capability for included devices
  • Users and devices can be added on a pay-per-use basis
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Customized requests

starting at 500,– €
per month

  • For mechanical engineering companies and/or end customers
  • Customized number of users and machines
  • Scalable data transmission frequency
  • Heterogenous devices
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Test- und Entwicklungsumgebung



Microservice Hosting
Info Icon Die Abrechnungseinheit ist CCU (Cumulocity Compute Unit). Sie besteht aus 1 CPU Core + 4 GB RAM. Fast alle Use Cases sind limitiert durch die Cores, nicht den RAM.


15 Cores

Anzahl der Endkunden
Info Icon Bitte wählen Sie ob die Maschinen Daten in die Cloud senden werden oder diese lokal auf einem Industrie PC verarbeitet werden sollen.



Anzahl der Maschinen über alle Kunden
Info Icon Mit DataHub können Sie die Maschinenten nach Ende der Speicherdauer im Hot Storage in einen kosteneffizienten Cloud Storage verschieben und und per SQL drauf zugreifen.



Info Icon Durchschnittlicher Wert über alle angeschlossenen Geräte

1 per hour


Speicherdauer mit Hot Storage
Info Icon Wie lange Daten für Dashboards in der IIoT Platform vorgehalten werden. Danach können Sie optional per DataHub in einem Cloud Storage exportiert werden

1 Week

10 Years


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Technology partners

With Software AG, ADAMOS has a strong technology partner on board for delivering, developing and running the ADAMOS IIoT Platform. In addition to the modular IIoT platform, Software AG also offers ADAMOS partners training, support, solution architecture, application development and managed services.

Software AG was just ranked a "Leader" in The Forrester Wave™: Industrial Internet-Of-Things Software Platforms, Q3 2021. Noting that Cumulocity IoT™ supports customers with a range of connectivity options, the report also states that “Software AG also supports an extensive array of industrial IoT protocols relative to other firms we evaluated, complemented by a fully functional Cumulocity IoT edge solution supporting thick and thin environments.”

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