10. April 2021
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ADAMOS Hackathons: a challenge for agility, innovation and teamwork

ADAMOS Hackathons

Creative ideas for holistic digital solutions

Successfully mastering the digital future together – that is the focus of our activities. With ADAMOS, all partners bundle their expertise to better and faster understand the needs of the market. It is important to develop holistic solutions for the digital factory to propel new business models and set standards for the industry. That's why ADAMOS regularly organizes hackathons.

But first: What is a “hackathon”? The term was developed in the 1990s for events where people from different companies or universities came together to work on programming solutions. Companies soon adapted the concept to creatively come up with new ideas for challenges or problems they were facing and turned it into a competition. Our ADAMOS Hackathons begin with the presentation of a problem for which participants must find a solution. For three days, they work together to generate sustainable ideas and build prototypes that they present to a panel of judges. We also combine the competition with targeted workshops to increase productivity and efficiency.

Our hackathons have so far produced more than 50 “hacked” product ideas that have been incorporated into new services and applications, among other things. The series has been a great success – both in creating new solutions and in strengthening our partnerships. We very much hope to host another hackathon soon and bring the teams together.

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