09. August 2022
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Improve your workflows - digital checklists make it possible!

Checklists: Everyone needs them and everyone uses them. In the private life, often for the shopping list, the daily or weekly planning, as a packing list for the vacation - the application possibilities are manifold. Especially in the world of work, checklists have been used for a long time. After all, they save a lot of time, bring structure to work processes, help with outsourcing and free up your mind for more important things. What used to work only on paper has already evolved into a checklist app and now optimizes the workflow of many companies.

Digital checklists for production

For which companies are digital checklists beneficial?

In many industries, checklists and process protocols are part of everyday work. A high expenditure of time and a high paper consumption are often the rule. Digital checklists are useful for companies that use them regularly and want to save time and money on resources. Digital checklists in the form of mobile apps are a good solution for companies in all industries, regardless of whether they are 1-man operations or large corporations. Especially in areas where technical and service standards have to be met and processes have to be checked and recorded. In general, software solutions that specialize in digital checklists should have the option of being customized for each industry and for each company.

What are the advantages of digital checklists?

Digital checklists offer a lot of advantages. Individual items cannot be forgotten or inadvertently skipped, and important notes do not have to be transferred to systems again. This reduces potential sources of error to a minimum. A good checklist app automatically checks entered data for plausibility. Another advantage is that digital checklists are quickly available to every employee: The central management of the data makes it possible. Through the app, every employee is additionally mobile and can access the checklists and view documents from anywhere. Changes to the lists can also be made on and offline without any problems. If there is no Internet connection, the lists are automatically synchronized as soon as a connection is available again. Other advantages: Digital checklists are easy to use, save paper and printing costs, and require no programming skills.

Digital checklists in everyday use

Digital checklists make it easier to enter data and enable rapid evaluation. Overall, there is less effort in terms of time and personnel. Due to the reduced paper consumption, companies can save costs noticeably.

What you should consider when choosing digital checklists

For companies in particular, it is important to be able to rely on software. That's why it's often difficult to choose from the countless checklist apps on the market. But what do you look out for in the software jungle? Here are a few points:

  1. Operation must be as simple and intuitive as possible.
  2. The solution should be scalable and expandable.
  3. The app should be customizable according to company size and industry.
  4. It should be possible to create as many checklists as desired, as well as audits and surveys.
  5. The digital audit forms should be completely customizable and the audits for ISO 9001 should be recordable.

firstaudit - Digital documentation, test protocols and checklists

With the firstaudit app for iPad, Android and Windows Tablet, companies can quickly create comprehensive checklists, inspections, control rounds or even maintenance and publish them on various mobile devices such as smartphones or laptops. The system eliminates the need for paper and works with digital checklists. The app was awarded the "Innovationspreis-IT" of the "Initiative Mittelstand" as an innovative solution for a digital future and is available in the ADAMOS STORE as a free 30-day trial version!

The following points can be implemented with the help of a digital checklist app:

  • Support for monitoring, inspection, analysis and documentation.
  • Creation of quality audits as well as industry-independent and individual audits
  • Inspection rounds/tours and acceptance protocols
  • Configuration of templates via browser-based, platform-independent checklist management system (backend)
  • Individual evaluations
  • and much more


Digital processes are the future!

The digital transformation continues to advance every day - and there is still a lot to do in many areas. On the way to a sustainable future, digitalization and the "Internet of Things" are constant companions. ADAMOS sets new standards with a uniquely integrated range of solutions and makes the enormous potential of digitalization available to companies.

The ADAMOS STORE is an app store including integration technology that enables manufacturing companies to access a variety of industry-specific, digital point solutions (such as digital checklist solutions) and thus choose a smooth, and pragmatic entry into digitalization. This is also feasible for small and medium-sized businesses, because:

  • XaaS - all software is as a service: subscription models allow you to check how useful a solution is for you before incurring large costs. You only keep what brings you long-term benefits and proves itself continuously
  • Integrated - all software is pre-integrated, so there are no costly integration projects for your IT and you can quickly start testing
  • Support - experts help you find the right software for your situation from the crowd of solutions. So you don't have to find your way alone in an increasingly confusing market.

Discover all the possibilities that digital solutions such as checklists or other software-as-a-service solutions offer you now and make a no-obligation consultation appointment with our ADAMOS Customer Management team right away: Let us show you in a personal meeting, with the help of a needs analysis, which apps will bring benefits to your company and start into a digital future - we will show you how you can improve the workflow in your company!


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