10. October 2018
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The corporate start-up KARL MAYER Digital Factory has developed the app for live monitoring of KARL MAYER's warp knitting machines on the basis of ADAMOS IIoT technologies.

Zusammenhang zwischen k.ey und von KM.ON

With the App, KARL MAYER Digital Factory is presenting the first application under the KM.ON brand that can be used to process and visualise the status data of warp knitting machines. KARL MAYER Digital Factory relied in particular on the cloud and IIoT solutions of the ADAMOS platform.

KARL MAYER textile machines are used for the production of active ingredients, technical textiles and warp preparations. Typical textile factories usually accommodate several to many KARL MAYER machines, so visualising the KPIs of the machine fleet is a particular concern for machine operators.

The prerequisite for using the app is the successful local installation of the k.ey box. This edge device, adapted and preconfigured by KARL MAYER, connects up to 30 machines to the ADAMOS platform.

By making the machine data available, it can be visualised independently of time and place. The application allows both a clear listing of all connected machines and a detailed view of each device. Key figures such as machine speed, output, availability and performance can be displayed here. For the relative key figures, reference values can be freely configured for each specific machine. In order to ensure effective decision-making, the application can also call up the historical course of the performance values.

As part of the new digital strategy and the participation in the ADAMOS alliance, the KM.ON brand was recently launched under the umbrella of KARL MAYER Digital Factory. The aim is to fully integrate all KARL MAYER machines into the KM.ON ecosystem. This comprises eight product categories. From production planning to collaboration platforms for customers, all aspects of the business operations of KARL MAYER's customers are to be covered.

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