12. December 2021
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Software solutions on the shopfloor?

How long can manufacturing companies remain successful with their traditional process and technology competencies? And when will it become absolutely necessary for companies to dive into the worlds of data-based ecosystems and digital platforms?

An interview with Marco Bauer (left), Dr. Tim Busse (center) and Dr. Marco Link (right): Marco Bauer is CEO and founder of the start-up up2parts GmbH, which is dedicated to digital process optimization on the shopfloor. Dr. Tim Busse and Dr. Marco Link are managing directors of ADAMOS GmbH, which offers the ADAMOS STORE as a digital marketplace for the manufacturing industry.

Marco Bauer | Geschäftsführer up2parts GmbH
Dr. Tim Busse, Geschäftsführung, ADAMOS
Dr. Marco Link, Geschäftsführung, ADAMOS

Discussions about industrial digitalization often sound like a debate about "pool or shark tank?". How do you experience the situation?

Tim Busse: It's no longer a question of "either or." Rather, it's about making industrial manufacturing fit and globally competitive with digital tools. Despite all the pride in their own skills and past successes, it must now be clear to every company that the future will not work without digitization.

That sounds dramatic?

Marco Bauer: It would be dramatic if the manufacturing industry refused to embrace digitization. However, the industry is increasingly recognizing the added value of digitization and is losing its fear of digital transformation to the same extent. Companies now know well how to differentiate where to enter digitally and achieve success, and then tackle digital innovations step by step. Our automated part costing as a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution is such a "quick winner."

"Cloud-based", "software as a service", "digital marketplace". Are these topics catching on in manufacturing technology and mechanical engineering?

Marco Link: Our experience is that theory is more daunting than reality. There is a large number of good software solutions now available that deliver immediate added value. The example of "automatic workpiece costs calculation" mentioned by Marco Bauer is such a solution. With this software, companies manage to calculate and produce customer-specific quotations extremely quickly, based on CAD drawings and past quotations. Companies that look at this solution are quickly convinced. 

What is really important is that digital solutions and expertise are adequately provided to reduce entry barriers. This is exactly what we achieve with the ADAMOS STORE. Here, we focus on solutions with an industry focus, opportunities for test offers and a simple customer experience for booking and billing the offers. 

Marco Bauer: Especially for small and medium-sized companies, standardized marketplaces including free trial offers for software solutions are enormously important. Only through our trial offers we give customers a better basis for decision-making and minimize the entry barriers for making digital solutions usable for the shopfloor.

Tim Busse: As part of the ADAMOS STORE, the ADAMOS HUB also allows us to achieve a simplicity in the customer journey that was previously reserved for the consumer sector: central management of data, applications, licenses and user accounts as well as consistent workflows. 

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