The integrated manufacturing App Store


ADAMOS HUB connects machine and plant manufacturers, machine operators and app providers and enables them to find and buy digital applications faster. With ADAMOS HUB, applications and machine data are managed centrally and easily in one system.


For machine & plant manufacturers

One store for your apps. 

Benefit from a unique distribution channel and present your digital applications to your customers. Being a digital pioneer, you'll easily assist your customers to get started with digitalization. 



For app providers

A point of access to industry.

Integrate your Software-as-a-Service applications, extend your functionalities with a centrally administered machine master data management and benefit from a unique distribution channel including billing processes.


For machine operators

One system for your apps & data.

Find the right applications for digitalizing your production quickly and easily. Control all applications in one system. Manage machine data and access rights for applications in just one place.

ADAMOS HUB - the integrated manufacturing App Store

How to start

You are an app provider and want to publish your application in the STORE of ADAMOS HUB? Then register your app here. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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BECOME ADAMOS PARTNER!You are a mechanical engineer and want to use ADAMOS HUB as a complementary sales channel for your digital applications? ADAMOS offers its partners a unique combination of community and technology.

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*The ADAMOS HUB is in a testing phase (private beta). The official market entry is planned for the fourth quarter of 2020.
Nevertheless, we appreciate your interest and feedback.