Integration platform for the shopfloor

Integrated and connected production: optimized value generation through integrated machines, data, and apps

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ADAMOS HUB: Your integration platform for the shop floor

More and more Industry 4.0 applications are being used on the shop floor - whether they are remote solutions, production dashboards or predictive maintenance approaches. However most of them are manufacturer-specific and difficult to integrate with other products. They represent so-called isolated applications. The ADAMOS HUB provides a remedy for this.

The ADAMOS HUB is a cross-manufacturer integration platform geared towards machine and plant engineering and enables machine data to be connected to apps from various providers on the store floor. Digital products are enhanced to include HUB functions, thus allowing interaction with one another. With each level of HUB integration, your customers benefit from more consistent use across the shop floor: whether through simple functions such as a uniform login for all products (single sign-on), or consistent use of machine master data or even machine status data. The ADAMOS HUB thereby enables simple management and transparent data exchange between machines, systems and apps from different providers.