Digitalization in mechanical engineering

The mechanical and plant engineering is facing the biggest changes since more than 100 years. Machines are evolving from products to highly complex, intelligent, networked elements of digital factories.

Equipping machines and factories with smart technology such as sensors and connecting them via the internet is creating new digital fields of activity. Among personell, capital and technology, the availability of data constitutes a new dimension in companies. This offers huge potential for increasing efficiency in production, while at the same time meeting individual customer needs. However, this requires a transformation process, especially in traditional companies. Digital business models have to be developed in order to make profitable use of the newly acquired data volumes. Target is to aggregate data through Smart Services and to create service-oriented added value for customers.

Modular ADAMOS IIoT Platform

IIoT software platforms provide the technical basis for digital business models. Platforms are the basis for connecting millions of different machines, factories, and devices to consistently record, visualize, and monitor the data and influence process behavior.

ADAMOS offers an open, manufacturer-independent IIoT platform, designed by a joint-venture of leading engineering and technology companies. The ADAMOS IIoT Platform provides comprehensive functions to support the efficient processing of data and creation of digital applications. The relevant functions can be roughly divided into the following areas:

  • Machine connectivity and management 
  • Data visualization
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Integration of third-party applications
  • Individual application development

The individual functions are provided by separate, yet integrated platform modules. This enables users to choose exactly those modules they need to meet their specific requirements for their individual application development.

In addition to its scope of functions, the ADAMOS IIoT Platform also offers various non-functional concepts, such as multi-client capability, scalability, and high availability.

ADAMOS deployment scenarios

For maximum flexibility, in particular with respect to end customer requirements, the ADAMOS IIoT Platform can be provided by various deployment scenarios:


An ADAMOS PaaS offering to quickly get started developing value-adding applications.
ADAMOS relies on infrastructure services from established IaaS providers, such as Microsoft Azure.


For companies with no internet connection on the shopfloor, the ADAMOS IIoT Platform can be installed on-site in their own datacenter.


For application scenarios involving requirements such as high data volumes and the shortest possible response times during the analysis processes, the ADAMOS IIoT Platform can be operated directly at the machine.
For maximum benefit, a combination with the comprehensive cloud or on-premise technology is recommended.