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Qualified OEE calculation for networked production - the ADAMOS OEE app

A milestone for cooperation in partnership within the ADAMOS network is the manufacturer-independent OEE application for the automated acquisition and evaluation of connected machines with ADAMOS - up to the qualified Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculation of connected production and organizational structures.

Originally developed during an ADAMOS hackathon in summer 2018, the OEE application was motivated not only by the idea of an automatically determined OEE functionality but also by the prospect of a broad collaborative effect beyond company and industry boundaries. After all, such an application would be able to create significant added value for all ADAMOS partners and their customers thanks to the horizontal networking.

Two years later, the app has become reality. Several ADAMOS partners (DÜRR, DMG MORI, Zeiss, ASM, ENGEL, KARL MAYER, WEBER Maschinenbau and the SOFTWARE AG) have developed an application within a co-innovation project, which on the one hand fulfils all requirements of a comprehensive OEE determination. On the other hand, the application is developed generically so that it can be individualized to specific industry and company requirements.

"In principle, we do not offer a rigid app, but rather a flexible functional building block for machine manufacturers and machine operators, with which all networked production units, productions and even networked production and organizational structures can be evaluated in a qualified manner on a common calculation basis," emphasizes Carl Hemming, Product Manager ADAMOS OEE app, the holistic solution offer.

In reference to the ADAMOS NETWORK, Carl Hemming cites as a representative example the machining of an injection mould with a DMG MORI machine, the checking of components on a ZEISS measuring machine and the prototyping and manufacture of products with an ENGEL injection moulding machine. In the connected ADAMOS NETWORK it is now possible to determine the OEE key figure for production units separately as well as the total OEE of the entire process chain, Hemming continues.

"With this we offer an automated consistency which is unique", underlines Dr. Marco Link, ADAMOS managing director, and explains: "Normally machines can only automatically contribute the factors for availability and performance. At least the quality factor, however, must be entered manually. With the direct horizontal interaction of (in the example) DMG MORI machining and ZEISS measurement, the entire OEE key figure can be determined automatically via the ADAMOS OEE App as a superior instance. Without additional input effort! Without the risk of incorrect input! And without the risk of manipulation! And above all under full data control by the machine operator!"

ADAMOS OEE App im Überblick