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How SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG used ADAMOS to connect its Cybus-connected production with WERKBLiQ's cloud-based service and maintenance management.


Building bridges between apps

­­SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG uses ADAMOS to connect its Cybus-connected production with WERKBLiQ's cloud-based service and maintenance management system.

"Industry 4.0" describes industrial production in which all things, data and services of a company are connected via a common network. This results in connected manufacturing for a digital, interactive cooperation of machines, processes and data. How Industry 4.0 works in practice is demonstrated by SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG from Lauffen am Neckar, Germany. The global competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology has used the connecting technology of ADAMOS to integrally combine its production, which is connected via Cybus, with the maintenance and servicing software of WERKBLiQ, thus achieving an enormous gain in performance.

SCHUNK, the leading supplier of manufacturing equipment and robotic systems, has already started to connect its entire production with Cybus Connectware in 2019. The locally installed Cybus Connectware ensures a secure and seamless data flow. From the production environment, the machine and system data is retrieved by Connectware and, converted into the necessary data format, made accessible to the business and IT levels – with the highest security standards and in near real time.

SCHUNK chose Cybus Connectware for its production connectivity because it guarantees data sovereignty, is quickly scalable and establishes independence from manufacturers and third-party providers. With the Smart Factory solution, SCHUNK brings together the data of various machines and systems centrally and realizes the full connectivity of its own factory. With the help of connectivity, SCHUNK is already implementing use cases such as machine condition monitoring, MES integration and special function workstations.

In parallel, SCHUNK has been using WERKBLiQ software for the planning, control and documentation of maintenance and servicing work since 2020.  The software from the portfolio of DMG MORI Digital GmbH is used for functions such as:

Even if each of these systems functions autonomously, the added value of integration quickly became clear: the solutions must be able to exchange and (permanently) synchronize data among themselves. Connected use cases and the relevance of real-time data are the rule and not the exception here. Data from the machines connected by Cybus should be able to be made available to the WERKBLiQ software in real time. In doing so, SCHUNK set out to build an infrastructure that would also enable the implementation of further solutions in the future. In this way, production would be able to sustainably gain in quality and performance.

Using real-time data for applications via the ADAMOS HUB

The decisive factor in this case is that both Cybus and WERKBLiQ were already familiar with the connecting technology of ADAMOS: ADAMOS is the first provider of a marketplace including connecting technology specifically for manufacturing companies. With the ADAMOS STORE, ADAMOS offers a manufacturer-independent and open industrial marketplace for applications, hardware-as-a-service and digital services that are digitally pre-integrated via the ADAMOS HUB. So also WERKBLiQ and Cybus. Customers benefit from the fact that what would otherwise be customer-specific integration projects can be outsourced to ADAMOS.

Instead of finding an individual solution for each customer on the shopfloor, connecting is done via the ADAMOS HUB. For providers such as Cybus and WERKBLiQ, customer-specific integration costs – and effort – are reduced by 80%.  Because once a solution is integrated with the ADMAOS HUB, this connectivity can also be used by all other customers. Customers can thus connect the applications directly and without effort.

Using this advanced connecting technology, Cybus Connectware was able to make the real-time data available to the ADAMOS HUB after only a few days of integration. In this process, the data is made available to the so-called "SCHUNK client" in the ADAMOS HUB and SCHUNK itself decides whether and how the data should be made available to the WERKBLiQ application. WERKBLiQ, in turn, can then process this data and provide the desired use case for the client. And just as vice versa.

This principle also works for any other application from the ADAMOS STORE.

Performance gains

With this connectivity, SCHUNK achieves an enormous performance gain: It continuously reduces the manual effort required to maintain maintenance-relevant information within the WERKBLiQ system. This is because the relevant data from production can now be used and integrated directly – with far-reaching effects in terms of:

The family-owned company SCHUNK is a global leader when it comes to equipping modern manufacturing plants and robot systems with gripping systems and clamping technology. Via ADAMOS, SCHUNK connects its Cybus-connected production with WERKBLiQ's cloud-based service and maintenance management.






Cybus is a specialist for data infrastructure in smart factories from Germany. With its Cybus Connectware software, Cybus ensures the fully comprehensive and automatable data flow between the shopfloor and IT. The customer's data sovereignty and the scalability of the solution are important core elements of the solution.


Cybus in the Store

WERKBLiQ is a software for intelligent maintenance and service management.

WERKBLiQ helps the user to automate recurring tasks with the maintenance software and thus keep them in view.


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ADAMOS offers a marketplace including connecting technology for the simple and efficient use of industrial digital solutions. The multi-vendor digital marketplace facilitates the acquisition of industrial apps and the ADAMOS connecting technology facilitates the use and management of data and apps.