Integration on the shopfloor

Optimized value creation through integration of machines, data and apps.

ADAMOS HUB enables simple and quickly implementable solutions for the shopfloor and enables a manufacturer-independent, central management of apps and data. Via 'myApps', users in the ADAMOS HUB control all purchased or subscribed apps. The data used is managed and controlled via the data management in the 'Control Center'.

Control Center | Manage your subscribed apps & services

An integration of digital products into the ADAMOS HUB allows central management of app subscriptions and purchases, data access for apps and users. The ADAMOS Control Center offers users four main areas: 

  • Purchases & Subscriptions: Manage your purchases and subscriptions in relation to terms, upgrades, downgrades, cancellations and renewals.
  • Data Management & Roles: Grant or deny access rights for individual apps to your data and define roles for your organization.
  • Team Members: Authorize employees in your organization to use the ADAMOS STORE (make purchases / take out subscriptions), the ADAMOS HUB (manage apps and data) and individual apps (view and use apps).
  • Billing & Payment: All invoices, payments and related reports are available at a glance here.