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13. September 2022

Salesorder – self-service software for automated and structured sales processes – now available in the ADAMOS STORE!

Salesorder is available in the ADAMOS STORE

Salesorder is a new and innovative solution, created by Flowit Estonia Ltd, that allows you to sell your products to the customer conveniently through self-service. Time and place are not a limit, the customer's order goes on the road even on Christmas. Now your sales team can shift your focus to a new sale. To help your business grow, we at Flowit Estonia joined forces with ADAMOS to bring our software to a wider community.

An analysis of the business processes of hundreds of companies showed that there was no complete intelligent solution on the market that automates the sales processes of manufacturing companies and provides their B2B customers with a single self-service environment that is available to all industrial enterprises.

“80% of B2B customers got used to the convenience and speed offered by self-service and remote communication during COVID and do not wish to return to direct communication ordering even after the end of COVID.” Steven van Belleghem, 2022. The real self-service economy

ADAMOS offers an open and independent marketplace for the manufacturing industry to enjoy a rich collection of pre-integrated, digital solutions. ADAMOS broadens the customer’s access to the available solutions, smoothens their integration processes – and most importantly, unlocks the full potential of industrial digitalization.

About Flowit Estonia Ltd

Flowit Estonia Ltd is an Estonian-based software company that has more than 10 years of experience in improving software quality and automating business process. All that is managed with more than 20 experienced consultants, including 8 certified test managers. Flowit is your partner for the following challenges: increasing work efficiency, digitizing business processes, implementing technology for business purposes, automating repetitive work processes, increasing the efficiency of existing IT solutions and software development.


ADAMOS offers a marketplace including connecting technology for easy and efficient use of industrial digital solutions. The multi-vendor marketplace facilitates the acquisition of industrial apps, the ADAMOS connecting technology enables the use and management of data and apps.

ADAMOS is specifically tailored to the needs of industrial and manufacturing companies. For XaaS solution providers, ADAMOS offers a sustainable sales platform; for manufacturing companies a profitability-increasing lever.

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